Vevo Bi Fold Doors

Bring the outside into your home

Imagine a wide, open space and the feeling of air and light flowing into your home as you enjoy your interior surroundings. Our market-leading VevoFold Doors are the ultimate chose when you a want full and clear access to your garden, patio or terrace.

The superior look of a VevoFold door will add a touch of finesse to any home, and when closed they complement your home with slim frames and clean lines to achieve a striking glass façade. A choice of attractive finishes and a wide range of configurations available to virtually fit any space. Fold the doors back to give a stunning opening that draws the exterior ambience into the comfort of your home.

VevoFold doors come with all the assurances you would expect from a quality-designed product. Strength and durability ensure a structurally sound product that requires minimal maintenance and delivers reliable performance over a lifetime of use.

Relax in stylish open plan living areas and enjoy stunning panoramic views of your home. With VevoFold doors you will feel like you’re living the outside inside.

Transform your living or dining room, bedroom or conservatory and create a better environment to live in.


We have a dedicated team of experienced craftsmen who are passionate and highly skilled with years of experience. Each and every door is individually handcrafted to your exact specification, whether it is a bay window with Georgian bars in a specialist colour or a leaded window with stained glass in a wood grain finish, each of our windows and doors has its own unique journey.